A completely transparent and 100% guaranteed fair-play platform

ABLotto is built on blockchain, whose logic and algorithms are available to anybody. Anyone can check out any transaction, any draw or any lottery.

The gambling rules and conditions are hard-wired into the architecture of the blockchain. After the network is set in motion they cannot be changed, doctored or deleted. This ensures a complete transparency of each lottery and a 100% guarantee of fair play.

Accessibility without restrictions

Instantaneous payout of winnings and anonymity

By using new technology, we have reduced the time needed to collect your prize, which in some countries can be up to several years. In ABLotto, the blockchain makes payments automatically, with no intervention from third parties. Now, when a person wins in ABLotto their prize of any size is paid virtually the same moment to any place on the globe without any fees.

About Us

About Us

ABLotto offers a new approach to the organization and holding of lottos. Thanks to blockchain and technology, we have eliminated key shortcomings in the most popular social gaming entertainment on earth.

Play from any place on the planet

Using new forms of e-money, such as bitcoins, ether,bank and other stable cryptocurrency, we have been able to make access to the online lottery truly global. Playing lotto now has no geographic boundaries and is not tied into any local financial system.

ABLotto is the first international lottery that can be played even by residents of those countries where there is no banking infrastructure; all that is needed is Internet access.